Rolabo is constructing a new building to manufacture advanced pharmaceutical products

The company will invest €7 million to mass produce immunosuppressants and anti-cancer products.

The 110 employees will increase 20% in the next years and the constructed surface 50%.

Rolabo Outsourcing, located in the Malpica industrial estate in Zaragoza, and dedicated to the manufacture of active pharmaceutical ingredients, is the middle of an ambitious expansion plan, which includes a wider product range and the start up of a new production line for biotech products. The company, which is part of the Farmhispania group, has already begun the construction of a new chemical plant building, 7 storeys tall and covering 5206m2 (770m2 per floor). This installation will concentrate on the production of immunosupressants and anti-cancer products.

This is a novel activity in this field, which will allow Rolabo to position itself in the “world elite of advanced pharmaceutical products”, assures Federico Junquera, the plant director, which started operations in 1995. Today it has 110 employees, thanks to investments made up until now. With the new projects which have started, and the expected increase in industrial activity, the company expects to increase headcount by 20% in the next years.

The Aragonese company has given the green light to the investment after the success of a first phase which began in 2014 with the construction of a reduced capacity plant. The project was declared a project of autonomous interest by the Aragon government and is already operating on an industrial scale after receiving the approval of the AEMPS Spanish Agency of Medicaments and Sanitary Products.

The purpose of this second phase is to make a larger scale production plant to expand the capacity and to grow in this hi-tech business area: latest generation immunosuppressants, some with anti-cancer properties.

After obtaining the construction permit last December, the work began in February and is expected to finish at the end of the year.

We have invested a lot of money and effort over these last years to create a competitive installation and team, and now we are getting the benefits of the investment.

In the last year, Rolabo saw strong growth in its traditional business line, of around 20 products including antihypertension products, antihistamines and analgesics, supplied to large clients in the pharmaceutical sector. Last year’s volume was around 300 tonnes, double that of 2015, while sales increased 20%. Part of this increase is coming from demand from multinationals who went to Asia for supply but who are now returning to Europe for quality or environmental reasons. Rolabo exports 90-95% of its production to around 30 countries, mainly to the EU and USA.

History of the Company

Continuous Growth and a strong bet on R&D

Rolabo Outsourcing is a company dedicated to the manufacture of pharmaceutical active ingredients and the activity includes its own production as well as outsourced production for third parties. The origins of the company go back to 1994 when the company was created. In October 1995, the active pharmaceutical company was purchased, on the 30000m2 plot that SmithKline & Beecham owned in the Malpica Industrial Estate. Since then Rolabo has seen sustained grown with continuous investments and a strong commitment to R&D, a fundamental component for competitiveness in the chemical pharmaceutical industry. From the 12 direct employees in 1995, there are now more than 110 today. Today Rolabo has its own catalogue of more than 20 products (antihypertension, antihistamine, antimalarial, analgesics, antiemitics), many of which are of high added value.